Room Hire

Church Hall Hire Contract

Conditions of Hire, Bookings & Payment

  1. The hire charges are those set out on the standard hire charge sheet – £15 an hour – or as otherwise agreed between the church and hirer. Charges will be reviewed annually.
  2. Bookings may be by telephone or post to the address at top of page but must be confirmed within 7 days using the Application Form or in writing.
  3. The Application to Hire should show the actual times and room required in order that the appropriate rates may be assessed and arrangements made for opening and closing. It is emphasised that the agreed times must be strictly adhered to as time in excess will be charged for.
  4. All events must end by 10.30pm and the premises fully vacated by 11.00 pm, unless by prior agreement.
  5. The Church reserves the right to refuse any application or to impose special terms or conditions.
  6. The church will not be available for hire on Sundays without prior permission of the church leadership


  1. The church is covered by the normal building policy for fire theft and damage to the structure
  2. The church policy also includes public liability cover.
  3. It is recommended that hirers have their own liability insurance. All regular users will be required to show evidence of this.
  4. Safety equipment must not be removed or tampered with.
  5. All defects in safety equipment must be reported.


It is the responsibility of all to see that every precaution is taken to ensure the safety and well being of persons on the premises at all times. Your attention is drawn to the Safe from Harm –Policy (Home Office) Safe to Grow Policy, which is on the notice board, and there will be an opportunity to sign to say that you have read and understood this document

Notice and Cancellation

  1. The Church reserves the right to cancel any reservation or terminate any use at any time but will endeavour not to do so unreasonably or without due notice.
  2. In the event of a gross breach, e.g. violence, theft, severe disturbance or damage, justifiable complaint by neighbours or other users of the premises, or rent overdue for more than 14 days, the agreement may be terminated without notice.
  3. The Church will give hirers notice of any priority use. This is more likely to occur during periods such as Christmas, Easter or part of summer holidays and the church will endeavour to offer an alternative at such times if possible.

Building Security & Safety

The Hirer hereby agrees with the Church as follows:

  1. NOT to connect any electrical apparatus to the Church electricity supply without the prior permission of the Church.
  2. This church operates a NO SMOKING policy in accordance with legislation and church policy
  3. NOT to sub-let and not to permit access to any user who is not part of the hire
  4. There shall be NO consumption of alcohol – unless by prior permission of the church.
  5. NOT to fix anything to the fabric of the walls, doors or ceilings except by prior permission and with the use of non-marking fixings.
  6. There shall be NO gaming – except for lawfully run raffles.
  7. The church building is security alarmed and this must be engaged on departure.
  8. The Hirer undertakes to ensure that all the lights, heaters, kitchen equipment and any other electrical or gas supply used by the hirer, are switched off when leaving the premises.
  9. The Hirer undertakes to ensure that all furniture is returned to its rightful place at the end of the session to ensure ease of use for the next group.
  10. Hirers who are provided with keys undertake to ensure that doors, windows, alarms and any other security measures, are left secure and as required on vacating the premises, and to return keys to the designated person/place immediately at termination of the hire.
  11. All rubbish is to be put in black plastic bags, securely fastened and placed in the green bin provided.

Loss, Damage or Injury

  1. The Church accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, theft or injury suffered by the Hirer or any person using the Church unless the Church is found to be negligent.
  2. The Hirer is responsible for any loss, damage, or theft and undertakes to report any such loss or damage to the Church and make good as determined by the Church.
  3. It is recommended that hirers have their own liability insurance. All regular users will be required to show evidence of this.

Consumables & Equipment

The hirer agrees to provide all their own consumables such as tea, coffee biscuits etc., and not to use any consumables or equipment, which are not included in the Hire agreement.

There will be no place to store these items from week to week unless by prior arrangement, and only when there is suitable storage available.

Maintenance of Good Order

  1. The Church has the right of access to the Church premises at any time but agrees not to unreasonably interrupt or disturb the hirer’s use.
  2. The Hirer undertakes to maintain good order during the period of hire and to ensure that there is sufficient responsible supervision for all those attending.
  3. The Hirer agrees not to permit more than the maximum number of persons attending, as stated in the application form.
  4. If the Hirer’s activity involves music or other loud noise the Hirer must keep external and internal doors closed and keep the volume to a minimum and take any other measures required by the Church to avoid upsetting the people who live adjacent to the church
  5. Any events taking place contrary to the Christian faith are not allowed
  6. Illegal substances are also strictly prohibited

Car Parking

Vehicles and contents are left entirely at owner’s risk.

During Match Days at the Stadium of Light it is up to the hirer to make sure their vehicles are not blocked in by match traffic.

Fire Precautions

  1. Hirers are asked to take note of all fire exits and fire extinguishers
  2. Keep all exits clear of obstacles.
  3. Explain fire procedures and assembly point (car park opposite church) to attendees.

Hirer’s Copy

I hereby confirm that I have read and agree to the conditions of hire, booking and payment.


Organisation (if applicable)………………………………………………………………….

In case of emergencies please contact Jude Murray: 0191-5678635 or Shirley Brown 01915486849