Our Vision

Making Disciples

Here in Enon we have a motto – “Growing in the love of Jesus, Going in the love of Jesus.” There are two key words in that Motto other than Jesus, because everything we do should be about Jesus. But the two key words are Growing & Going. In other words, developing as disciples. We need to grow as disciples of Jesus, then go into all the world and share the hope we have in Jesus…….simple right.

Well, the cost of being a Disciple of Jesus Christ has and will always be high. It is not easy to be a disciple, Mark 8:34-38 tells us so. We must surrender all, deny ourselves and take up our cross and in doing so, the fruit that we can bear can be great. We can see lives transformed; we can see families transformed; we can see Sunderland transformed and with enough trust in God, why not see the nation transformed in the name of Jesus. Jesus himself set the precedent for the life of a disciple through his actions and lifestyle and Jesus called many other people to follow in the same way, people like me and you with many problems. Some of these people could see the hope of glory through Jesus and they decided to follow him but others found comfort in things of this world, money, their family, religion and they turned their back on him.

And for 3 years Jesus had a group of disciples whom he trained. He lived with them, he ate with them; they travelled together, laughed together, argued together, prayed together, made mistakes together but most importantly… they grew together. Jesus taught these people what it meant to follow Him and how this impacted themselves and the world around them. And if this was important to Jesus then, we believe it is also important today. In fact, we believe we are commanded to be disciples.

The book of Matthew in the bible tells us of something called the great commission. Within this passage, there is only one single command that we as Christians need to fulfil. Within the great commission, Jesus tells us we need to make disciples. In the Greek, this verb is in the “imperative mood”, which means it is a command; we do not get a choice, we have to follow it. Jesus is saying here that we have to be obedient and make disciples – make disciples; disciple people. OK, but how do we do this? We need to go, we need to baptize and we need to teach…. continually. So here in Enon we believe that before we Go and disciple in the love and name of Jesus Christ we need to Grow as disciples. How? – well we aim to do this in four ways.


Many people try to find happiness, joy in life but ultimately fail and get frustrated because they are looking in the wrong direction. Whether they realise it or not, they try to find some sort of identity in things which our society tells us will help to achieve contentment. It could be money or a career, family life, marriage, it could even be in sport like football or golf. Perhaps people think that they will be content, find happiness, perhaps hide some pain if they can do well in one of these areas. However, it never really works out. If our identity is not in Jesus, it is like pushing the life and strength out of us. We will find we are using all our strength and going nowhere fast. However, if we find our identity in Jesus, the bible teaches we will find happiness beyond our wildest dreams – and true contentment.


People can look at this area and immediately think of singing songs, people playing organs or an awesome band as in Enon. However, worshipping Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour is  stretching further than a few songs. It is a lifestyle choice –  in church on a Sunday but also 24 hours day, 168 hours a week, in work, on the golf course, everywhere, all the time. The question is, do we worship Jesus in every aspect of our lives.


We are a family here in Enon Baptist Church and we want to live our lives as a family. We can do this in many ways, coming together on a Sunday morning, eating together, house groups, prayer groups, playing football or even going away on holiday together. Belonging as a family is important and we constantly strive to do this better.


This is all about the ‘going’ as in the motto, sharing our faith with others and wanting to see the kingdom of God here on earth, here in Sunderland.