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23rd March 2020

There is no doubt that as covid-19 has hit our world, many people are living in fear of the news headlines and the unknowns. And there is a wide diversity of opinions among Christians, as to whether this is a work of Satan, or God’s judgment. So how are we to make sense of all that is happening in our time? We are living with a virus we can’t see, is no respecter of borders, and can be asymptomatic or a killer.

Well surely, we are being reminded of at least four things:

1. We are suffering the consequences of living in a fallen world

2. Our mortality

3. We are not really in control of our lives

4. Those things we love to worship have been toppled:

a. Money – with the stock markets collapsing, businesses closing, unemployment rising, and JP Morgan predicting the biggest recession since the Great Depression

b. Sport – with every sport being affected and even the 2020 Olympics being threatened with postponement

c. Leisure – with flights being cancelled, travel bans being imposed, museums and theatres closing, and Cornwall stating loudly and clearly ‘no holiday makers!’

d. Educational Success – with schools closed, exams cancelled, and grades being calculated

e. Body Image – with health and fitness clubs being closed

Action Points:

5. Pray that many people will hit the spiritual ‘reset button’ in their lives, as they are brought face to face with these realities.

6. Make a plan of how YOU are going to nurture/develop your faith in these difficult and uncertain days.

“Increase our faith.” (Luke 17:5)



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